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A Litte Hop of Faith

A Little Hop of Faith is a romantic comedy with action and tragedy. It is centered around the life of a little girl who was abandoned by her father. Her name is Libby. In it, the Libby watches as people lose faith and betray one another, but with the word affair constantly in her life, she decides that she will have an affair and find a new man for herself - a father and inadvertently, a lover for her mother. In her life, there is her 30 year old divorced, but very attractive, mother, a horde of gossiping, sex starved women, one of whom is over 55 with the sex drive of an 18 year old, and an x-soldier with a split personality that goes from kind and loving to dark and dangerous when he is crossed.

Additionally, there is the extended family which contains many uncles, an aunt, grandparents, and a great grandparent who is a World War I veteran. In the shadows of Libby’s life is the Russian mistress who seduced her father, a charming woman who is secretly a murderer, and a rich and powerful family that is above the law.

Libby struggles to get her father back or find a new one. During her struggle, she learns of falling in love, the dangers of rape and violence, the intricacies of homosexuality, and the secret struggles that men face. She learns that sometimes, the best people struggle with putting their own happiness and dreams above their responsibilities and family. Libby bears the burden of tears, while looking for love that will fill the hole in her heart where her father used to be.

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