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Thalen Kane

Classical & New Age Music Composer

Originally from Asheville, North Carolina

Lives in Paris France

Favorite Book: Two Years Before the Mast

Favorite Colors: Orange, Red

Favorite Movie: The Red Violin

Favorite Opera: Tosca

Favorite Song: E Lucevan Le Stelle


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Burning Heart:

The Burning Heart Original was written in a dream. Each version of the original song represents the emotions felt throughout the process of grief and recovery by remembering the good times then again sinking into grief with the metal version of the song which represents the realization of the finality of death and the loss of a loved one.

Within a world of dreams, I sat before a long grand piano that faced a window. Outside were mountains and trees covered with ice and glistening reflections of the sun. Inside, the walls and floors were white and gray stone covered with tapestries, large rugs, and ornate furniture. I composed a song, as I thought of my wife. It seemed that she had passed on. My heart was scared, but unbroken because beside me, my daughter stood and leaned her head on my shoulder. I felt as if she held me together with her arms as I played on.

When I woke, it seemed as if I had fallen asleep, for the other world seemed more real than this one. The same day, I bought a piano that I could not play. Within a day, I played the song from the dream. When I played the original song, I felt as if I had lost everything. In this life, I have never had a wife nor a daughter. It is a strange thing to miss people I have never known, play an instrument I had never played, and write a song that reminds me of a dream more real than anything I have ever seen.

Burning Heart

Thalen Kane


Thalen Kane cut out image violin

Thalen Kane's philosophy for life is "The sun shines strongest through a cloud." There no job that can't be done, no conflict that cannot be resolved, and no problem that lasts forever. When the battles of life are won, he often laughs at how hard it seemed at the beginning, saying it was easy in the end. "What's next?"



Phone TXT: 828-393-5666

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